What makes you the way you are?

(An incomplete list. Not in order of importance)

1. Your many past lives... Whatever they may be....

a. You may have been a master chef previously and so you tend to go to only the best restaurants now...!

b. You may have been a reptilian from another star system, secretly involved in crystal technology on Earth in the past and have incarnated on Earth as a human at this time to experience the rapid development of technology at the End Times (as predicted in the Mayan calendar).

c. Past life karma (to be balanced in this life)

d. "Mozart's " ( to quote a famous composer)...next life was of an unknown violin maker. He continued to be involved in music, but needed to balance being less public..?...an ordinary citizen...?

e. Anyone who was a "special person" in a past life...a Manager, Organiser, Visionary, etc.

2. Your sun/star sign you chose and the planetary energy present on the day you are born (Mayan Calendar)

a. The characteristics of the sign you have chosen suit in balancing other aspects of your current life and offer other learning experiences.

3. Your Gift order

a. We all have four gifts or abilities to perceive information and things around us. The balance of these gifts governs how we perceive the world around us. We all have one leading gift that is our main method of perception.

The gifts are:

· Feeling (have gut feelings about things & people)

· Visionary (have a continuous run of pictures in your head)

· Prophecy (have a knowing about things to happen)

· Intuition (have words in their head).look below 7th. Rays

4. Which of the Seven Rays you chose

a. The 1st Ray is associated with the Ascended Master Lord Michael. These people are statesmen, leaders, practical, excellence.

b. The 2nd Ray is associated with the Ascended Master Lord Lanto. These people are usually teachers.

c. The 3rd Ray is associated with the Ascended Master Paul the Venetian. These people tend to be artists and creative.

d. The 4th Ray is associated with the Ascended Master Serapis Bey. These people are architects, designers and disciplined.

e. The 5th Ray is associated with the Ascended Master Hilarion. These people are doctors and healers.

f. The 6th Ray is associated with the Ascended Lady Master Nada. These people are ministers.

g. The 7th Ray is associated with the Ascended Master St. Germain. These people are diplomats & writers.

5. The spiritual guides we choose

a. When we incarnate we choose up to seven entities

(people remaining in spirit in the fifth density/dimension) to guide us during our earth mission on a day to day level.

b. These guides give us words, pictures, a knowingness, feelings and intuition. If we follow these clues things will flow smoothly.

c. We also have a principle guide that help us in the overall big picture of our lifetime.

6. The parents you "choose" (inherited)

a. Inherited traits

b. Physical appearance

c. May give lead in vocation/mission (eg: musical family)

d. You may need to experience an alcoholic non-loving father..an abusive father...something like that...Loving father....Doting

father...you may decide......

7. The family you choose

a. Balancing karma with other family members...

b. Continuing a very close relationship,... but not sexual....

c. You may choose a mother with a specific disease so you can learn from having the same disease when born...perhaps a mother with a special "power" or "thought"....or " ET " abilities.

d. parents with no specific powers but loving......

e. one parent loving and the other abusive......

8. Involvement in group karma

a. May have been involved in Atlantian weapons of destruction and need to balance/heal that karma...Maybe "remove" from that karma...Get back to "harmony"

9. Your current relationships

a. Your current partner may have fatally "stabbed" you in a previous life and this rift needs to be healed....You need to make contact with that person and "correct" the past problems..

b. Your need to learn to have a relationship with someone but without having a family. (you avoided family responsibilities last time)...you may need to have a "family relationship"...instead of a "destructive relationship"

c. A marriage may end in expectantly. You have finished learning the lessons this union was meant to provide. You will move on to the next dimension...

10. The country or geographical area will choose to incarnate to.

a. We may have strong ties to Mu or Lumeria and choose to live in Australia to witness the rise of that great continent during the End Times.

b. You may decide to go elsewhere and exhibit intentions to travel to Asia or Europe or elsewhere and explore Multifacit avenues of evolvement.

11. The race we choose

a. If we were a SS officer during the Third Reich, we may need to experience being a persecuted Jew today.

b. If we were a persecuted jew we would probably need to experience being in a position of power; that is ruler of a country, OR in a position of authority.

12. Entities we attract

a. Many of us attract entities still in spirit that impede our everyday life. You may have hurt someone in a past life

(emotionally or in another way) and this entity may be "hounding" you. You may have for instance, been abusive to your Mother after your Father died and this would impact back on you.

b. You may have an entity around you that gets a buzz or energy from your habit, which could be drinking, smoking, or whatever. This could be holding you back.

c. You may have a very stubborn entity around you that you badly mis-treated in a previous lifetime relationship. This could result in a negative energy that holds you back in some way.

13. Our life's thrust.

a. This is the overall feeling/thrust for our mission....What are your feelings ? Thoughts? Are they of a Good nature ?

b. An example of a thrust is "Relaxed organisation and sincere communication"...

14. Controls on Planet Earth plane....

a. The money & banking system operated by the Elite. They will not allow the government to issue money......

b The effects of chemicals in our food.

c. The effects of mind control technology..... (Montauk developed).....(Type Montauk into Google.com)

d. The cover up of the truth by the media.. ( Read between the words !) 

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